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Let's talk about Xuen's Challenge (legendary melee challege)


Let's talk about Xuen's Challenge (legendary melee challege)

I just completed this challenge as a rogue. It was simultaneously the most difficult and most frustrating thing I've ever done in this game. From what I understand, the tanking and healing challenges are extremely easy. For every other melee class, they have the option to skip the melee challenge and do those instead. Not for rogues.

It really tests everything you know about a rogue, making you use abilities you simply don't use in raiding. For example, I'm not a tank. Why then does the melee challenge make me use every single defensive ability I have to be able to survive adds that 1) get faster the longer they're alive (can't be kited) and 2) hit like trucks if you just stand there and try to soak it? The cast time on the one ability you need to interrupt is so short that it's very easy to miss. Even if you do interrupt it, it'll still go off sometimes.

If there's only one way I could improve this whole thing, I wish Xuen would have reset my cooldown timers every time I died. At least then I wouldn't have had to stand there for 5 minutes between pulls while Prep resets (since I had to use it to get a second evasion to tank the adds).

EDIT: Figure I should post some spec info. I'm 523 ilvl, assassination. I took Shadow Focus, Combat Readiness, Leeching Poison, Shadowstep, Prey on the Weak, and Anticipation. Combat Readiness is required for the adds. Prey on the Weak is particularly powerful in the mirror phase when you should have him stun locked as much as possible.

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