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Council of Elders - 10 Man help


Hello everyone! Hope your weekend was great!

I wanted to jump in here and solicit some tips for the Council of Elders fight in ToT. We made it there last night and had some significant difficulty getting through the first 4 empowerment phases.

Our strat is as follows: Lust and burn Sul at the pull. Switch to the Loa when it appears and then switch to Malakk and break his empowerment. When the second boss gets empowered, switch and burn...**** the Loas...switch to the Priestess, etc...

We had a melee on Sul the whole fight for interrupts, but we were having DPS issues (we run 2 Tanks/3 Healers/5 DPS)...when we switched them off Sul to the empowered ones, we had healing issues with all the casts getting off.

Anyone have some suggestions?

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Short Title: Council of Elders - 10 Man help
Full Title: Council of Elders - 10 Man help
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