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Mar 28, 8:00 pm

Lightning Steel Ingot Item Evolutions (from



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AMAZING Shaman Tier 10 Cosplay @ Dragoncon 2013

7:01 am, September 10, 2014 submitted by Elvinelol [link] [8 comments] View

Patch 5.2 | New Monk Spell - Storm, Earth and Fire

7:04 am, September 1, 2014 submitted by John9289 [link] [13 comments] View

Friday Raid / Boss Q & A - Focus Topic: Tips & Tricks

7:01 am, September 1, 2014 Happy Friday everyone! Since there was confusion last week: You can still ask/post about help with boss fights or anything raid related, and please do! Weekly Focus Topic - Tips & Tricks: Do y [..] View

Does anyone miss the old class specific quest lines?

2:02 am, September 1, 2014 I'm talking about the Shaman's having to go and communicate with the elementals to get their totems. The hunters having to do multiple quests leading up to actually training your first [..] View

I know it was a while ago now but the xp increase given to rare mob kills when levelling is one of the greatest ever additions to the game

2:02 pm, August 31, 2014 I ******* love it. For something so simple it gives me great satisfaction and joy every time I **** a rare mob when levelling up. I find myself going to every rare mob spot whenever I start levelling [..] View

Taking over as GM/RL for my guild, some advice needed

2:02 pm, August 31, 2014 Firstly, I would like to apologize for using a throwaway but most of my guild knows my username and frequents this subreddit. For the last 2 years or so I have been a raid leader/recruiter for my 10ma [..] View

Warlock Green fire quest

2:02 am, August 31, 2014 Hi all, I'm currently struggling to do the green fire quest, (last fight) my char is only 507ish Ilvl but I hear of people beating it with 480. What I'd like to know does anyone have a [..] View

Has anyone here joined WoW in like the last year or so and got into it?

2:02 am, August 31, 2014 I am sure it's much easier for people who have played this game for a long time to come back and play with each expansion. To be honest I always thought WoW sounded very fun, but I've [..] View

Simple change proposal to AV: Eliminate turn ins, make player corpse loot contribute to a total automatically and automatically start events

2:02 am, August 31, 2014 edit: So what you guys are saying, is it won't hurt if it's added. As it stands right now, if you want to get frost lord, or get wyverns to fly out, or any of those items, you have to [..] View

A student/mentor system for new/veteran players.

2:02 am, August 31, 2014 I came up with this idea a couple days ago in another thread and it actually seems like a good idea (in my own head at least). Player A is completely new to the game has loads of questions but no one [..] View

Event Free Wallpapers of your Character(s) ! ( Photoshop )

2:02 am, August 31, 2014 Hello everyone ! I am making a big Event to win a Wallpaper of your Character ! :D Here is the description of what i want from you : Here is what i already did : http://imgur. [..] View

Putting the finger on the rights and wrongs with wow

2:02 pm, August 30, 2014 Before I get started this is far from a rant or a moan about how "it was better in the old days" Have your tried playing on classic wow servers? Its intolerable, from the sparkly bus [..] View

My favorite class artwork (***** Knight). Post some of your favorites - any class goes.

2:02 am, August 30, 2014 submitted by TheDynamis [link] [300 comments] View

Some quick thoughts from a veteran player new to tanking

2:02 am, August 30, 2014 There was a post on here about a week ago talking about how he/she believes there aren't as many tanks because people treat them like **** when they are first learning how to tank. As a vetera [..] View

New Character Models - Human Male Emote Animations -WoD Beta

2:02 am, August 30, 2014 submitted by Ornias [link] [4 comments] View

Reading the quests really does change everything when playing this game.

2:02 am, August 30, 2014 So I'm relatively new to this game now and I'm about to hit 70 with my hunter and as I learned this game playing him and questing, doing dungeons etc I never had an interest in why I w [..] View

Participate in my academic research about WoW avatars, you could win one year of game time :)

2:02 am, August 30, 2014 Hiya. :) My name is Jaime Banks and I am a researcher at West Virginia University. Im conducting a research study of World of Warcraft players thoughts and feelings about their avatar over time. For t [..] View

Found an old screen shot of when i bought a faction change and logged in on an interesting mount.

2:02 pm, August 29, 2014 submitted by Daitenchi [link] [31 comments] View

Call to Arms being removed,

2:02 pm, August 29, 2014 As said by Desvin in the forums: "We've removed Call to Arms in Warlords. Originally, the feature was added to bring some variety to the battleground experience and allow players who [..] View

<VoW> US Alliance *FREE* Heroic Garrosh Mount Giveaway

2:02 pm, August 29, 2014 In an effort to give back to the community <Victory or Whatever> is going to be giving away two free Heroic Garrosh mounts via raffle on 9/3/2014. The raffle will take place on our GM&am [..] View

Muffinus teases *7* Time-Lost Proto Drake style mounts scattered across Draenor.

2:02 pm, August 29, 2014 submitted by Jauris [link] [20 comments] View

To DK or not to DK, tis be my question.

2:02 pm, August 29, 2014 So I've been playing on and off during MoP, most recently doing RBGs and getting up to about 1500 rating, my guild though was seemingly becoming more inactive and less and less people were sho [..] View

Saddest moments in WoW for you?

2:02 pm, August 29, 2014 This can be story-wise, maybe a certain interaction with a player, whatever you recall that brought on the most sadness, For me it was when the alliance side ****** Deathbringer Saurfang in ICC, and t [..] View

Friday Recruiting Megathread - Need a guild? Need advice about finding a guild? Recruiting for your guild? Come say hi!

2:02 pm, August 29, 2014 Hey guys! While we don't have room for a stickied topic, we've got permission to make a possibly weekly post, and supposedly it's gonna get cool flair and stuff. So, what&# [..] View

Anybody interested in doing Challenge Modes for at least Silver?

2:02 am, August 29, 2014 I don't really know anybody on my server, or have any friends that play this game anymore, so I figured I would ask here! So I'm looking to find a group of four other people to run Cha [..] View

Tom Chilton: "we talked about having both Outland and Northrend go from level 60 to level 80."

2:02 pm, August 28, 2014 submitted by ManaByte [link] [259 comments] View

For all of you vets, and to show the new guys one of the best quest lines in game cinematic.

2:02 pm, August 28, 2014 submitted by Orapac4142 [link] [83 comments] View

Is there a legitimate (won't get me banned) way of removing the impeded vision or depth textures in the ocean in Vashj'ir?

2:02 pm, August 28, 2014 Basically what I'm trying to do is make the ocean not look... ocean-y. I'm terrified of the deep and oceans in general, and this bleeds into my gaming (I blame the eel from Mario 64). [..] View

I never played before but I'm interested now. Got a few specific questions.

2:02 pm, August 28, 2014 This is going to be a bit longer so please bear with me. I played many MMOs starting with Guild Wars back in the day. Although I really like the premise of a MMO I didn't play the most long e [..] View

I just started playing 7 years ago and this is my experience so far

2:02 pm, August 28, 2014 -Damn, warlocks are cool -Wow, dungeons are cool -I hate dungeons -I love dungeons -Appearently not every Murloc has at least 1 eye -Hell yeah, pvp -I hate Paladins -FLYING WOHOO -**** Paladins -raids [..] View

I am here to help! I do 2v2s with undergeared players to assist in their conquest cap!

2:02 pm, August 27, 2014 I love doing arenas and PVP. I do not claim to be the best or even high rated however I enjoy the strategy behind them and the camaraderie it creates between teammates. I have also been streaming on t [..] View

When will Blizz let us change our "Armory pose" I just faction changed to this.

2:02 pm, August 27, 2014 submitted by SkitZa [link] [17 comments] View

This has got the be my favourite music in the entirety of WoW. What is your favourite music?

2:02 am, August 27, 2014 submitted by Nihilius [link] [43 comments] View

Tip for Fury Warriors.

2:02 am, August 27, 2014 Here is a little tip that I just learned if you are a Fury Warrior and doing LFR/Flex or any other raid that uses that auto loot distribution system, For you loot specialization pick arms; because if [..] View

Blizzard has really outdone themselves with the final raid bosses this expansion.

2:02 am, August 27, 2014 When I came back to WoW a few months ago, I was curious to see, more than anything, what sort of mechanics the bosses in these new raids would have. Could Blizzard possibly make a fight quite as jaw d [..] View

Blizzard has "six or seven" more World of Warcraft expansions conceptualised

2:02 am, August 27, 2014 submitted by ManaByte [link] [112 comments] View

Tank class playstyles in WoD

2:02 am, August 27, 2014 Hello Reddit, I've recently returned to WoW after several breaks in anticipation of WoD, and have decided to reroll a tanking class. I've only ever tanked leveling instances on a warr [..] View

This blog steals multiple top posts and comments from this sub

2:02 am, August 27, 2014 The owner of this Master of warcraft blog seems to love stealing whatever the top post of the day on this sub is along with the top comment and claiming them as his own. Here is one from last week - [..] View

Only my second day playing and already had an awesome expirience

2:02 pm, August 26, 2014 This happened just minutes ago. Im playing my level 24 human hunter, questing in Duskwood, doing the quest where you subdue a worgen, when all of a sudden a friendly level 90 runs in before me and beg [..] View

Danielle Bealieu Blood Elf Hunter Cosplay photo by Elysiam Entertainment

2:02 pm, August 26, 2014 submitted by elysiamguild [link] [21 comments] View

The Illidan Alliance Challenge

2:02 pm, August 26, 2014 I challenge you /r/WoW to create guilds on Illidan-US as Alliance! or join one of the following. Fight on the Flag Warriors from Above Cognitive Dissonance EnterprisE You Lose Vigorous Rekt The Lege [..] View

That feel when your whole flex group disappears mid boss fight because Illidan crashed.

2:02 pm, August 26, 2014 submitted by Dr_Kitty_PhD [link] [16 comments] View

Ken, a quadriplegic man that plays WoW and Diablo. (Also posted on /r/videos)

2:02 pm, August 26, 2014 submitted by pokemonboy2003 [link] [7 comments] View

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