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The Secret Hidden Extra Klaxxi Daily Quest


The Secret Hidden Extra Klaxxi Daily Quest

  submitted by Eldorian
[link] [25 comments]


After you free each of the Klaxxi from their amber shells, you can get them to buff you while you remain in dread wastes.
You can have one Enhancement and one Augment on you at any time.
The buffs have no duration limit.

Klaxxi Enhancements:

Malik the Unscathed -  Iron Mantid →  Bladeturning →  Bladeturning
Kil'ruk the Wind-Reaver -  Angel of ***** →  Reave 
Xaril the Poisoned Mind -  Raining Blood →  Unstable Serum
Iyyokuk the Lucid -  Silent Lucidity →  Lucidity 
Rik'kal the Dissector -  Children of the Grave →  Children of the Grave →  Children of the Grave
(Aoe when in tank gear)
(Aoe once every 60 seconds)
(Aoe when using fast attacks)
(Lowers the cooldown of key class attacks)
(Aoe when killing an enemy)

Klaxxi Augments:

Ka'roz the Locust -  Speed King →  Speed King
Hisek the Swarmkeeper -  Seek and Destroy →  Dread Might  Dread Wisdom  Dread Swiftness
Skeer the Bloodseeker -  Battle Hymn →  Battle Hymn
Korven the Prime -  Painkiller →  Painkiller 
Kaz'til the Manipulator -  Master of Puppets →  Master of Puppets
(Increased run speed)
(Increased stats for 5 mins after killing the correct mobs)
(Increased heath regen in combat)
(***** prevention and health regen)
(Temporary guardian to fight with you for 10 minutes)

I hope some of you find this usefull. 
I've been tabbing out to it every day since making it, so I'm sure someone will >.<

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